Pharmacy Foundations
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Pharamcy Foundations
4Front Pharmacy Online Pharmacy Foundations courses are specifically designed to give new staff a broad understanding of what is required to work within the pharmacy sector.  These essential courses will provide the foundations for excellence in customer care.
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According to research commissioned by the Irish Pharmacy Union in 2019, Irish adult patients visit a pharmacy on average 41 times per year, making pharmacies by far the most accessed healthcare facility within the healthcare system.  But what can patients expect from their interaction with community pharmacy?  The Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland has created a ‘Patient Charter’ to answer this question.  Given that you work in community pharmacy, you play a vital role in working with the pharmacy team to deliver this service.
Required Time in Course: 15 Mins

The Code of Conduct for Pharmacists is a public declaration of the principles and ethical standards which govern pharmacists in the practice of their profession, and which the public, patients, carers, other healthcare professionals and society require and expect from pharmacists. This lesson reflects the Current Code published October 2019.

Required Time in Course: 15 mins

This lesson focusses on a number of interviews with patients talking about real experiences in the pharmacy setting.  You should review the main lesson and the three shorter interviews in the Case Study Tab.

This short video outlines some Top Tips for completing CPD Cycles for the IIOP. The course is only open to Pharmacists and Premium members. There is no assessment, MCQ or Certificate for reviewing this video which may be used to help you complete your next CPD Cycle.

This CPD module introduces you to the fundamental concepts around Pharmacology.  Pharmacology is the study of drugs and how they interact with biological systems at various levels i.e. cellular, genetic, tissue and populations. A drug is a substance that is administered with the aim of altering the state of a biological function.  Pharmacology measures that action. This module is intended as an Introduction to Pharmacology and may be quite technical in nature.